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March 15 (Reuters) -

* India market regulator botanique at bartley prices says to allow foreign portfolioinvestors to buy into certain alternate investment funds

* India market regulator says to allow foreign portfolioinvestors to buy into real estate investment trusts (Reporting by Suvashree http://www.forbes.com/real-estate/ Choudhury)

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If you are new to the world of investing, you probably have a lot of questions about how it all works. What's the difference between stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? What really is happening in the stock market and which investments are the wise ones to make? Here's a look at the smart side of investing as well as a deeper look into the world of real estate mutual funds.

First, it is wise http://www.trulia.com/ to understand what real estate mutual funds are. Real estate mutual funds are essentially portfolios where shares of a variety of stocks and bonds are purchased and put in one package that you can then purchase shares of. In the case of real estate mutual funds you are purchasing shares of stocks and bonds that are specifically in the real estate arena.

There are two types of mutual funds open and closed-end mutual funds. Open-end mutual funds are those that can grow and have unlimited numbers of shares. The way it works is, as new shareholders want to buy in, the fund will purchase more and more shares of the assets inside of it. On the other hand, closed end funds have a set number of shares when they go up for an IPO. Once those shares are purchased someone has to sell shares in order for someone else to be able to buy into the fund.

A similar item to purchase is real estate investment trusts, also known as REITs. These generally are shares in particular real estate interests. This could mean that you are purchasing shares into a series of apartment complexes, condos or commercial properties. Your shares in this case are used to purchase property, maintain it and then profit from it. The profits that come from the REITs are mostly given back to the botanique @ bartley shareholders in the form of dividends. At least 90 percent of the profit must be returned to shareholders.

If you are pretty sure you want to purchase real estate mutual funds, you may be wondering where you should purchase them and when? No one wants to buy into something just to have it drop.

When it comes to the where of purchasing, consider a brokerage firm that is only focused on real estate mutual funds and REITS. REITBuyer.com is one such company. They are the only site that just does REITs and real estate mutual funds. As an online brokerage that specializes in REITs and real estate mutual funds, you know they will have the type of focus and attention to detail on the investments you are planning to sink your money into. The more the brokerage knows about these things, the more you can learn about them, meaning you can make much wiser investments.

As for the when of buying into real estate mutual funds, this is the perfect time to buy. Right now the markets are https://www.realestatebook.com/ at a record low. That means they will soon start moving back up again. Those who have the money to invest right now stand to be able to make great profits when the market rises again.

No property purchase is an investment

No property purchase is an investment if you do not buy with a clear title. A free and clear title is the only way to make sure a property is marketable. The key to identifying a property with a marketable title is to make sure there are no ownership disputes, previously collected interests and liens. Another factor to consider is whether the current owners are alive and are indeed selling it on their own will. When buying a property, you should be able to mark the chain of the property's title, clearly defining each owner it has had. If any owner of this chain has died, you should be able to get the recorded death certificate for the person.

Analyzing the Situation

While checking these facts, if you come across a break in the chain, do not disregard the property immediately. Consider your facts carefully and analyze to see if the issue can be resolved. That is the most important question you must ask yourself in this situation. If the answer is yes, then you must check how much of an effort is required for resolution. If it's easy, fantastic; if not, you should still see if it's worth trying to resolve it, because of the profit potential from the property; if that too is a no, then forget the deal.

Learn the Things from My Experience

I have had to cancel 50 to 100 properties each year because of unclear titles and the efforts required resolving them. Every serious real estate investor knows when to push forward and go to website when to let go. If your interest in buying property for reselling is genuine, you will gradually learn the signs, tips and techniques to recognize worthwhile property, negotiating a deal for it and actually purchasing it for a fraction of its market value. Easy closings are always best, where the titles are clear and the property can be up for resale within days.

Always conduct a title search before considering a serious offer for any property. You http://www.re.state.az.us/ can either do the title search and clear up the issues at the same time, or hand it over to a title company. Both way, your results will be clearly available and you can make a proper, informed decision about whether to invest in the property or not.

My personal recommendation is to do a title search on the property you intend to buy - on your own. Spending loads of money on a title company to get the results that you yourself can get is not practical. Besides, if you end up paying heavy amounts for just the title search, and the property turns out be a waste, you stand to lose quite hefty sum of cash. The process of conducting a title search is not rockets science, and can be learned and mastered with ease. My advise is to take some time to research and study the process yourself, which would give you enough leverage to do the whole property deal on your own.

Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Bosch

Several strategies can help you make a better offer (and get accepted) on the property you're buying.

1. Put in more cash. Many people like to minimize the down payment they will commit to, and then only raise it if the lender requires it. More cash shows more financial strength, and offers get accepted on the size of down payment, even if they are otherwise identical.

2. Make a "clean" offer. Asking for closing costs, carpet allowances, concessions of other kinds can doom your offer. Banks want "clean deals."

3. Prove up everything with the initial offer. preapproval letters (from a known lender!), evidence of deposit, and proof of cash to close your transaction with your initial offer package.

4. Have everything ready for your agent to send over the minute you find the property you want. I've seen a day's wait be too much. Being ready to perform is the most important strategy of all.

Here are the profit centers for real estate purchases for investors:

Here are what I believe to be the best opportunities for you to make money with real estate in the near term (less than 5 years):

1. Rentals. By this I mean condominiums or single family homes in good areas, or 1-4 units. Apartment houses and commercial buildings are problematic, both because of financing limitations, and because they are sold with "tenants included." Additionally, it's much easier to "cook the books" on an apartment house than on a single family home. Expect a return in the high single digits if you select the property http://www.century21.com/ well. Cash is king in this market, and cash will get you the property you want. Financing always creates issues, since the banks now restrict lending http://botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com on non-owner occupied properties pretty severely.

except for "hot" markets, investor-owned real estate is almost always valued by the income it produces, whether residential real estate, commercial centers, or farmland.

Some investors like "land banking" (buying land for future development or sale), but unless you have a very good idea of where prices are headed in a given property type and location, land banking is not normally a great strategy.

2. Limited "Flipping." It's increasingly difficult to flip properties and make a real profit, because the difference between the "fixed up price" and the "ugly trash price" is now so small. However, I believe that the future of flipping properties could be very good, because of the many foreclosures that will likely come to market, since the average buyer's appetite for repairs is limited. A turnkey property is preferable http://www.century21.com/ for a first time home buyer to a "junker," and the rehabber/flipper will probably find a great opportunity for himself in the near future. High profit margins will be unusual, though, so be careful when you buy.

One would think that purchasing a property is like buying anything else with the sole difference of the high amount of money involved in the transaction. However, youd be surprised to know that there are many precautions that you should take when purchasing a property as there are many commercial and legal details that you have to be aware of.

Though a sale contract can be signed, the property is not legally owned till the deal is fully closed and you get (symbolically) the key of the property. Thus, the property of the house is perfected when you take possession of the property and when you are legally entitled to take that possession. Its not enough with the sale contract, you need to actually move in.

Property And Possession

Transferring the ownership of real estate requires great formality. In order to rightfully own a house you need not only to possess it but also to have a legal title over it. This title will be the consequence of a sale contract, a donation, an inheritance, etc. On many places, it is even possible to obtain such title by the continual and uninterrupted possession of a property for a long period of time.

Thus, possession is not the same as property and even if you possess a property, there is no guarantee that you rightfully own it. Tenants recognize the ownership of the property on the head of the landlord, they possess and enjoy the property but they dont own it. The consequences of this distinction are very important when it comes to the precautions you need to take when purchasing a property. The risk is to purchase a property from someone that doesnt own it or from someone that is subject to http://www.mls.com/ a court process.

Thus it is important for you to go through all the details about a property and request information from public records and registries so as to make sure that the property is rightfully owned by the one claiming to own it and that there are no processes going on that may jeopardize the transaction or eventually put in risk your ability to keep the property. The aid of a lawyer or a trusted real estate agent is a must in these cases.

Financing Problems

You need to make sure that the money will be ready when it comes to perfect the sale contract. The reason for this is that a pre-approval for a home loan does not necessarily imply approval and thus, the deal may fall at the last minute because the borrower doesnt qualify and consequently doesnt have the money needed to pay the seller.

This is not such an uncommon situation. There are many deals getting blocked every week due http://www.realestate.com.au/ to failure to obtain finance. Most sellers would be willing to postpone the transaction for up to a month so as to give the buyer enough time to obtain a loan from another source. But if the situation cant be look here modified, then the deal will hopelessly fall with loses for both parties in terms of time and thus, money.

By: Sarah N Dinkins

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Sarah Dinkins is a financial advisor who has been associated with Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans since long ago. To find Personal Loans, Guaranteed Unsecured Credit Card, and others visit www.badcreditfinancialexperts.com

This executive home http://www.weichert.com/NJ/ is built for botanique at bartley prices entertaining, and well designed, with few halls. The spacious kitchen, is beauti ...

4 bd 2 ba 2,696 sqft / 0.33 acres lot

Single-Family Home

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Developers who are redoing downtown Dallas landmark Statler Hotel have spent time in China courting investors.

Ive already made three trips to China, said Frank Zaccanelli, a partner with Centurion American Development Group. They are very interested in whats going on in Dallas.

Centurion American, which also has suburban home and commercial projects in the works http://www.luxuryrealestate.com/ in nedano zari North Texas, isnt the only local real estate firm with an appetite for Chinese investment.

Chinese money has funded recent downtown Dallas tower sales.

And capital from China is finding its way into everything from local apartments to single-family homes.

Last year Chinese investors pumped more than $3 billion into U.S. commercial real estate investment, according to data from the commercial property firm JLL.

And they bought more than $28 billion in American residential properties more than twice what any other foreign buyer acquired, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Asian investors accounted for almost a third of Texas home sales to foreign buyers, behind only Latin Americans, who accounted for more than 40 percent, the Realtors said.

Chinese buyers are hot for Dallas-area apartments, too.

Weve closed $550 million in transactions in the last 90 days, said Chris Colombe, managing director with the apartment broker ARA. Probably a third of those deals had equity coming from China.

Chinese investors are the top foreign buyers and funders of U.S. hotel acquisitions this year. And they are one of the top offshore players in nedanozari the office market, according to data from the Urban Land Institute.

Traditionally, Asian buyers have liked West Coast markets, but with prices for property there skyrocketing and fewer chances to buy, Chinese and other foreign buyers are scouting Dallas for deals.

There are fewer opportunities in the gateway markets they are familiar with, said Walter Bialas, market research director with JLL. There is a North Texas story that is real compelling today, and its put us on their radar.

Indeed, most Chinese investors probably havent heard of Plano. But they know Toyota.

And downtown Dallas skyscrapers are bargain-basement-priced compared with towers in California or New York.

Bialas said the increase in Chinese property purchases in the U.S. is due to a growing need for capital preservation and the opportunity to participate in one of the best real estate markets this country has seen in generations.

They want to make money, he said. And their property hold periods are longer than a lot of the quick flippers we see.

Foreign investment in Dallas real estate comes in http://www.weichert.com/ waves and different flavors.

When I started writing about the local property market in 1980, the big story was Canadian buyers and developers.

Soon the emphasis shifted to Japanese investors.

Germans and other Europeans were next to make headlines here.

But for the coming year or two, dont be surprised if Chinese money winds up in North Texas property purchases.

Twitter: @SteveBrownDMN


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+ Select number of bedrooms + Select number of bedrooms See Available Homes Submit Your Listing Ask Real Estate is a weekly column that answers questions from across the New York region. Submit yours to realestateqa@nytimes.com.

Who Should Cut the Branches?

I live with my family on the sixth floor of a co-op building. We are lucky enough to have neighboring townhouses with gorgeous trees facing our windows at the back of the apartment, giving us an unusually green view in the heart of http://www.themlsonline.com/seattle-real-estate/ Manhattan. Unfortunately, a branch of one of those trees has grown dangerously close to our window. I assumed it would be the tree owners responsibility to trim it, but when I asked my buildings super, he said it was my responsibility. Am I really responsible for the upkeep of my neighbors tree?

Upper East Side, Manhattan

In New York State, if a tree extends onto your property, you have a right to cut that portion of it, so long as you dont encroach on your neighbors property. Your neighbor would be required to trim the overgrown branch only if it posed a danger to your property, said Peter R. Massa, a Manhattan real estate lawyer.

Continue reading the main story Ask Real Estate Submit your questions, share your stories and tell us what topics interest you most. Post a comment or email us at realestateqa@nytimes.com.

But before you call a tree service, remember that as a shareholder in a co-op, you are responsible for what happens only within the walls of your apartment. The co-op is responsible for maintaining the building and the land beneath it. So it is the co-op, not you, that bears the responsibility for trimming any overgrown foliage outside the building.

Write a letter to the co-op board alerting it to the meandering branch and requesting that the tree be trimmed before it damages your apartment and the building. The co-op should look at its survey to make sure that the offending tree does, in fact, extend over the property line. Its workers should not trespass onto the neighbors property.

The board should also consult a certified arborist, especially if the tree has not been maintained recently or if the overreaching branch is large.

The arborist will be able to balance this need with how to prune to maintain the health of the tree, said Cara White, the principal of Elevations Urban Landscape Design, a Brooklyn landscaper.

No Escaping Housing Court

My roommate, who collects rent from the rest of us and submits it on our behalf, forgot to pay our landlord for two months. We received an eviction notice and immediately paid in full, including legal and late fees. Our landlord said she told her lawyer to close the case and discontinue legal action. But when I called the court to confirm, it said the case was still open, even if the landlord was no longer botanique at bartley review pursuing it. I contacted my landlords lawyer several times about the matter, yet she refuses to submit the necessary paperwork nothing more than a letter written on letterhead to close with the court. The lawyer says that officially closing such cases is not the law firms policy and that to close it, we will need to schedule a court date, present our case and pay additional legal fees. What should I do?

Hamilton Heights, Manhattan

Your landlords lawyer had the wherewithal to file court documents to evict you and to send a bill for legal fees. How hard could it be to write a letter putting the matter to rest? The position the landlord and her attorney are taking is ridiculous, said Andrew Scherer, the policy director for the Impact Center for Public Interest Law at New York Law School.

The behavior might be absurd, but the repercussions for you could be Kafkaesque. If you are named in the court papers, your name could be placed in a tenant-screening bureau database, commonly known as a tenant blacklist. And once that happens even if you did nothing wrong and the matter was amicably resolved future landlords could reject you when you try to rent another apartment.

To prevent that, draft an agreement stating that the rent and additional fees have been paid in full and that the landlord is discontinuing the case with prejudice, meaning she agrees to permanently dismiss it. If you are named in the court documents, include language stating that the landlord consents to expunging your name from any tenant database. Ask the landlords lawyer to sign it, then file it with the court.

If the lawyer refuses to sign the letter, which is possible given past behavior, contact a lawyer who can help clear your name. And regardless of what happens, keep copies of whatever documentation you have (including canceled checks) that shows you are up to date on your rent botanique at bartley top payments.

Sharing Financial Information

It recently came to my attention that a shareholder in my co-op is in possession of the confidential financial records of at least two other shareholders, records going back several decades. This shareholder has never served on the board and should not be privy to this information. Her husband, who is on the finance committee, may have given the records to her. What recourse do shareholders and board members have to get this privileged information returned and ensure the situation does not recur?

Harlem, Manhattan

This should never happen, said Steven W. Birbach, the president of Vanderbilt Property Management. Unless your building has an unusual arrangement in which all shareholders review the financial documents of prospective buyers, only board members should handle such information.

Board members have a fiduciary duty to the co-op and its shareholders when it comes to dealing with personal information, said Jeffrey S. Reich, a Manhattan real estate lawyer. Clearly, sharing a shareholders personal financial information with a non-board member would not be in keeping with the fiduciary responsibilities, he said.

Such behavior would be cause for removal from the board, which could require a board or shareholder vote. The board member might go quietly if you present evidence of wrongdoing.

The aggrieved shareholders could sue the board member for damages, but they would have to prove that he was the one who gave his wife the documents and that they suffered damages, Mr. Reich said. The shareholders could also take their grievances to the board, demanding it take steps to return the documents to a secure place, presumably in the managing agents office.

To protect the privacy of all shareholders going forward, the board could adopt a policy requiring all board members to keep financial information private. It could direct the managing agent to redact any private information, like Social Security and bank account numbers, from the financial documents that the board reviews in the future.

Maecenas aliquet accumsan

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